What's your retirement picture?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Plonkee over at plonkee money posted that she is not really able to picture what the retirement life will entail. Plonkee works a conventional job that she likes and wouldn't mind working until she can fully retire and at least not have to worry about what job she works, or if she works at all.

I am pretty much in the same camp. I work for a great company, I like my field, and while I loved what I did at one time, I still think it is the right company for me. I totally dig the people and can see myself working there until I retire from my industry.

I have a 2 stage retirement plan, though. I get paid pretty well for my age, around $70,000. The problem is is that my wife and I live in a fairly high cost of living area. My first stage is to save up enough for us to live on from the age of 55 on. Now we may have enough to do that within the next 10-15 years, well before the age of 55. I would like to teach high school at this point. Move back to my hometown, teach at my old high school, make enough to pay our bills, start building our compound and esae into retirement.

After I either a) decide not to work anymore, or b) reach that oh so sweet age were we can live off of interest, fully retire, pull the drawbridge up, and relax with the wife, the animals, and do whatever the hell I want, and not care.