Grocery Roundup

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Checked out the Kroger's on the route home today. Here's the roundup:
Basics: $32.17
Home items: $10.18
Indulgence: $6.00
Side Dishes: $7.51
Quick Meals: $0.00
Cleaning Products: $0.00
Coupons: $0.00

One of the reasons why I stopped by the store is because I read The Simple Dollar talked about how he bulk makes rice and bean burritos. That got the taste in my mouth. I spent $7.53 on ingredients for beef and bean burritos, and was able to make 9 of them for a per item cost of $0.84. This is easily one of the cheapest tastiest meals I have had in awhile.  Thanks, Trent!