Grocery Savings

Saturday, May 3, 2008

So I have returned from Sams Club victorious!  The grand total was $144.29.  While this does shoot what I normally spend on a trip to the regular store in the foot (normally about $80-$90) I actually saved quite a bit off of regular prices.  Most people will read this and say "Duh", but the amount I actually saved was quite suprising.  Here's the break down:

  • Basics: $74.49
  • Home items: $36.28
  • Indulgence: $5.84
  • Side Dishes: $7.60
  • Quick Meals: $9.71
  • Cleaning Products: $0.00
  • Coupons: $0.00

There were 2 cool things about this trip.  Sams had 8 cfl bulbs for $10.86.  This is only marginally more expensive than traditional bulbs at the regular stores I go to.  CFL bulbs cost $3-$4 a bulb when I normally look.  That was pretty cool.  The second cool thing was how much I saved.  I plugged the normal prices into the spreadsheet for the items I bought and the total was astounding: $249.44  That price blew me away.  I would never consider paying that much at teh grocery store.  I would most likely make 2 trips.  I guess that is the biggest problem I had with Sams before this.  

Whenever I would leave Sams, I would feel like I barely bought anything, but always have a bill over $100.  I always knew I bought more than I thought I did, but it was usually demoralizing.  Now after seeing that I saved over $100 buy shopping there, you better believe that I'll be heading there every 2 weeks now.