Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I am mentally and physically drained.  I do not know how people work 12 hours a day on a regular basis for their job.  I know there are those people out there, and I applaud them.  I am working on another "important project" this week.  Tomorrow is the last day for data acquisition, so that's a plus.  The results are turning out well, also, but man is it draining.  I've gotten home at 8 the last two nights, and I've gotten into work around 7 - 7:30 the last two days.  Then on top of that, I start another "important project" on Friday.  Ugh!  At least I am in high demand.  The only real problem is that this project and the next one are for my boss' boss, and my boss is still concentrating on the project I finished last week, and I don't have the time to concentrate for him.  Not the worst dilemma to have, but it is draining.

On a better note, I was featured in the two carnivals I submitted to this week.  Check out the Festival of Frugality over at the The Financial Blogger, and my post aboutyour retirement picture. Also head on over to the Carnival of Debt Reduction at ptmoney, and my post about an interesting morality issue with one of my debts.

Thanks to alpha consumer. I got my copy of "How You Can Profit From Credit Cards". I will be reviewing it once work calms down a little bit.

I will also have a guest post tomorrow over at money and such about the return on investment on fuel saving devices. Make sure to check it out.

On May 26th, I'll be hosting the Carnival of Credit Report Stories. Make sure to submit your stories by Sunday May 25th to be included!

image by KM&G-Morris