Not being frugal with my wife

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Open Wallet talked about how her relationship does not always strengthen her frugal mindset. I can totally agree with this.

My wife is probably my biggest budget buster. She does not mean to be, want to be, or try to be, but I love buying her little things. I will usually rationalize buying her some flowers, a stuffed dog, or some other little item way more often then I should. I just love seeing her smile. I have tapered off quite a bit since starting this blog, but it could get expensive with in between $5-$10 a pop. We both have the same mindset about budgeting, but it is so hard for me to tell her no, or to not buy her some little item that she can put around her desk.

I wish I had a better handle on the money so that I could do this more often.


Angel said...

... A note from the wife... Seeing him come home with time for us to talk in the evening makes me smile. Heck, seeing him at all makes me smile. I know, we're newleyweds... I don't need stuff bought for me to make me smile. It's the little stuff, curling up on the couch to watch a movie, playing with the dogs with me, checking out my latest craft creation, going window shopping on occasion, just being together is what I want. I think a lot of men may make the mistake that it takes money to make the wife smile. Try a picnic with the dogs instead, or a movie night in curled up on the couch snuggling. Your wife (I hope) didn't marry you for what you could buy her, but for what YOU mean to her.