daily goings on

Friday, May 16, 2008

I WON!!!!! My submission for how to best spend $1000 won over at Alpha Consumer It seems like my new ways of thinking about money are on the right track, at least according to her readers. Too bad I didn't win $1000, but I did win How You Can Profit from Credit Cards by Curtis Arnold. I'll be reviewing for the site one it arrives.

I also seem to be on point with my money ideas according to google. My post on How to have fun and stay frugal landed at number 15 on "how to have fun without money.

It also seems that my post on the hydro 4000 is getting a bunch of hits from google, too. If you found that article interesting, check out money and such in the coming week or so for the follow up article concerning the return on investment for fuel saving devices.

And alas, the emergency fund had to be tapped into today. It now stands at a measly $50. My wife got into a car accident yesterday, ad the car will most likely get totalled, since it is not worth a whole bunch. We have a $1000 deductible, and the e-fund will go towards paying that. It mi gt get a replenishment depending on the vehicle we buy, so here's hoping for a large settlement from the insurance company. And please keep us in your prayers, she is not very seriously injured, but is shaken up a bit and has some whiplash and pretty decent bruising.