daily goings on

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Work is going nuts right now. This is my busy time of year, and i keep getting lined up for more and more projects. The really annoying part is there are a couple people line me up for projects, let me know the projects are going on, and then tell me I am doing the project the day before it starts. Arggh. Well on to more fiscal matters...

It looks like Financial Learn did not read my post on the hydro4000. They're pormotong running your car on water. It's a short article and it does have one incorrect fact. They say you can run your car on tap water. While technically true, it is not suggested for more than a one time use due to the impurities in the tap water.

Also, I'll be guest posting over at Money and Such next week. It'll be a followup to my fuel efficiency devices post.