Carnival of Credit Report Stories - May 26th Edition

Monday, May 26, 2008

Welcome all to the May 26Edition of the Carnival of credit report stories!

Editor's Pick
Debbie Dragon over at Destroy Debt talks about how to stop debt collector harassment.
This is a great list to keep in mind and to have a little victory with the debt collectors if this happens to you.

Thoughts From a Former Bill Collector gives 4 great tips when dealing with debt collectors.
The overall point is to be honest and straightforward. No one's gonna help out someone trying to make their job harder.

Until Debt Do Us Part gives us 10 pieces of advice when dealing with financial institutions. Mike also talks about working at a credit card insurance phone bank.
I did this too for about 3 weeks one summer and it was hell. I have a great radio/phone voice but I couldn't sell water to someone on fire.

Life, Money, & Development talks about his love of credit cards and how he thinks they aren't as evil as people think they are.
While I think Herrera makes the point that sensible credit card use is a good thing (especially for the credit score), he also says he uses them to amortize gadget and gift cost. This mentality is how I got into trouble with credit card debt. It is a very fine line that represents the difference between good and bad credit use.

FinancialZip talks about snowballing his snowflaking.
Sounds cold, but a good way to combine 2 heavily promoted concepts.

leaving the folks talks about how all your bills can effect your credit score.
The only advice I didn't fully agree with was cancelling credit cards you're not going to use. I say throw them out or cut them up, but don't cancel them. Unused credit limit can only help your score from what I understand.

Money Blue Book talks about how to and where to apply for instant credit credit.
Just be careful to walk that thin line from above if you get the credit.

Her Home Blog talks about 3 things that show up on your credit report, and stresses honesty.
As before, be straightforward and honest and they can't get you for anything.

No Debt starts off a 5 part series regarding Credit Repair and how to get your free credit report from the big 3 agencies.
Knowing is half the battle. Go Joe!

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