Frugal health?

Monday, May 26, 2008

The wife was told she had high cholesterol, and I am sure I do too, but haven't gotten a check up in awhile, so we need to go healthier. Buying more fish, veggies, and fruits. I bought a food dehydrator today to make the fruits store better for $60. But after looking at the mechanics of it, I think I can make a larger industrial sized one out in the yard on the cheap based on the solar oven. I think I am going to put it out in the greenhouse, which also got a fund boost this week.

Seeing as I will no longer be in my twenties by the end of the week, I have started getting some birthday funds.  Got $50 from the in laws, ad we are heading out to Lowe's later today to see what we can get for the price.  I am looking at getting some plastic siding and some zip ties to surround the dog pen we have.  I was also looking at 8' folding tables to place the garden boxes for square foot gardening on, and they're $40-60 a pop.  That's ridiculous, so I am looking at alternatives.

But the seeds are growing, the peppers need to be transplanted, and we finally got a sprout out of the tomatoes.  w00t!