basicfinancial weekly roundup

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Thisweek was not as good as last week.  On Thursday alone I matched the number of transactions as last week.  It's not as bad as it looks becuase this is the bill paying time, but we had 21 transactions this week.  3 were for the new mower, which worked out fantastically by the way, 2 were work related and 1 was for my stupid mistake of running out of gas 50 yards from a gas station on an off ramp of a local highway as I was heading to get gas and needing to buy another red gas can to match my collection.  Another expense was to mail a birthday present to my wife's mother.  So that takes care of 7 of the weekly expenses.  We still had 4 trips to the grocery store though, and I had to eat out twice this week because I did not have the time to come home for lunch like I thought I would have had when I left those mornings.

One of the best expenses though was the first autmated deposit into our ING savings account.  Oh hell to the yeah.  It was nice to see that.