basic financial beginnings

Sunday, April 6, 2008

I have no savings. I am approximately $4,000 in debt. I will update this number with the actual value as soon as I find out. I am a married man about to turn 30, with no kids, and a bevy of animals (dogs and cats).

We bought a house 6 months ago for $169,500 with a 7% interest rate. Yes it is higher than the average. We were lucky to get that rate. My credit is not good, I think it is ~610. I don't know the actual number since you need to pay the credit reporting agencies to find out, and I don't want to spend that money. We found this rate through a smaller mortgage company in our area, when the majors were offering us 8%- 8.5%. We got in about 2 months before the massive subprime meltdown. We would not qualify for a loan right now. I am the only one on the loan, as my wife's credit is even worse than mine.

We were only able to buy our house because we are first time homeowners and we were approved for a program that payed our 3% down payment required by FHA, and the sellers payed the closing costs. We actually got a $1200 check upon closing because we payed $500 earnest money that we got back at closing and we had a rebate from our real estate company through my job.

I make ~$70k a year, and live in a city that has a cost of living about 10% higher than the national average. I have had my job for 3 years, and still live check to check if we are lucky. Sometimes we even do the check advance to cover our bills.

This is were my journey begins. Don't laugh or cry too hard.